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With Lisa Bonnice & Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu

Lisa Bonnice

Program Host at The Shift Network and Award-Winning Author

Lisa Bonnice is an award-winning writer and humorist. She received two excellence awards from during her tenure there as a news writer/associate producer. She also traveled the country as a stand-up comedian, working with the likes of Tim Allen and Steve Harvey.

She has hosted numerous summits for The Shift Network, including the Ancestral Healing Summit, Beyond the Veil Summit, and Intuitive Medicine Summit. Lisa also co-created the Generations Oracle kit with Carrie Paris. 

Her first book, Shape Shifting: The Body/Mind/Spirit Weight Solution, includes a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch. Her true crime novel, Fear of Our Father, was twice featured on the Investigation Discovery network, a documentary on Court TV, and an Emmy-nominated documentary on the BBC. Her novel The Poppet Master, a metaphysical comedy, includes a foreword by Marc Allen, publisher at New World Library (and the man who discovered Eckhart Tolle).

Lisa's newest book, based on actual events found in her family tree, is entitled Castle Gate. It’s the true and tragic saga of the Garroch and Littlejohn families, related by marriage. The Littlejohn family is, unknowingly, descended from a lineage that was cursed during a witch trial in 1600s Scotland. The Garrochs are just unfortunate enough to have married into this nightmare. Lisa uses robust and extensive genealogical research to tell the tale of the families who emigrated to the United States from Scotland during the WWI and Prohibition eras, only to have the curse follow them there. The Littlejohns and Garrochs, and over a hundred others, are devastated by one of the biggest mine explosions in American history — the Castle Gate Mine Disaster of 1924 — where families are torn apart and almost two hundred men die by fire in a mine that the Littlejohns run.

Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium & Founder of The School of the Healing Artes

Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu is an acclaimed Argentine-American psychic medium. Her 27 years of experience include facilitating over 10,000 individual sessions. She is a Bruja and Latinx teacher of intuition and clinical hypnosis, with a focus on healing ancestral trauma and patterns. Vanessa started doing readings at age 16 after her family confirmed that she was accurately seeing and knowing things about people who had previously passed on. She guides seekers to break through fears and connect with the practical power of their intuition so they can serve the world powerfully with their gifts.

Since the start of the COVID quarantine, Vanessa’s been dedicated to serving her bilingual (Spanish and English) global audience. She’s been hosting free healing circles weekly and has virtually trained and certified over 1,000 new Reiki practitioners (for a pay-what-you-can donation), empowering therapists, first responders, nurses, EMTs, and parents with a therapeutic modality they can use to support their family, friends, and clients.

Vanessa is proud of her work as an empowerment facilitator for future young women leaders at the Bella Abzug Young Women’s Leadership Institute, creating innovative courses to support self-empowerment, inclusivity, and diversity. She is also creatrix of The Biz Bruja Podcast and founder of The School of the Healing Artes. She created her school to stand for diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility for underrepresented BIPOC communities and intends to continue supporting the next generation of leaders and healers for years to come.

Lisa Bonnice & Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu