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Ancestral Astrology: Signature Planets

Broadcast on February 03, 2023
With Fern Vuchinich
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

In this session, Fern Vuchinich will focus on how a planet or asteroid can show up in an ancestral line and how this shapes the archetypal themes of the line. Fern will go into detail about a few of the planets and share about how the planets' characteristics can show up in the lives of family members.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How a planet can influence your ancestral lineage
  • Inspiration to explore astrology as a tool for ancestral healing
  • A short meditation to introduce the audience to the planetary archetypes
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Fern Vuchinich

Astrologer, Herbalist, Teacher, Writer

Fern Vuchinich has been practicing Earth-based pagan traditions working as an astrologer, teacher, and healer since 1990. She's completed advanced training and received degrees in many modalities, including ancestral healing, acupressure, herbalism, energy healing, and massage. She also earned a master's degree from Sonoma State University, a teaching credential from San Francisco State University, and a certification from Steven Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology program.

Fern's path was profoundly shaped by the decades-long mentorship of artist, astrologer, and all-around wise woman Asata Gabriel, who taught her about astrology, intuition, plant medicine, and much more. 

"My great-grandmother Maria Souza was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where they have a celebration very similar to the Day of the Dead called Dia de Finados. Honoring my ancestors and beloved dead has long been an integral part of my spiritual life." Fern's also studied Daniel Foor's ancestral medicine teachings and has spent the last several years delving deeper into her own ancestral healing with one of his practitioners.

Fern believes that one of the major doorways into healing is through the study of your ancestral lineage and that astrology can be a powerful way to access the lessons and blessings of your ancestral line. 

Fern Vuchinich