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Ancestors in Training: Shaping the Future

Broadcast on February 03, 2023
With Veronica Agard
Hosted by Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu

Ancestors in Training is an educational project and lived experience that centers on sacred traditions, new technologies, intergenerational healing, and grief work. In this session Veronica Agard will explore how this mindset can be utilized as a portal for healing. She'll share how to be an ancestor in training, and how to apply the lessons of the past to shape a better present and future for those that come after us.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Encouragement and a sense of belonging as you navigate ancestral veneration
  • Since our time in the physical world is finite, we should strive to be elevated ancestors now
  • A set of Ancestors in Training writing prompts that you can use to deepen your practice
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Veronica Agard

Curator, Ancestors in Training
Veronica Agard is a writer, abọ̀rìṣà, community educator, and connector at the intersections of Black identity, wellness, representation, and culture. She curated the Who Heals the Healer series and the conference of the same name and facilitates the Ancestors in Training educational project. 
Her words have homes at For Harriet, Black Girl Magik, Life as Ceremony, Black + Well, Redefining Our, and Heritage Journal among others. Through Ancestors in Training, she is a recipient of a Spring 2022 Reclamation Ventures Grant award for Healing Practices for GriefṢadùn also serves as a member of the Speakers Series with End Rape on Campus, as well as a member of the Board at IDHA NYC. With every opportunity, she names the power of storytelling and being believed in. 
Described as living in the future - Veronica is guided by the past and carries out her dreams in the present.
Veronica Agard