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Sacred Symbols + Reading the Bones: The Ancient Universal Language That Guides Us Through Our Ancestral Healing Journey

Broadcast on January 30, 2023
With Desiree DeMars
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

As humans, our brains are hardwired to unconsciously take the path of least resistance as a survival mechanism. According to Desiree DeMars, it's in the process of reclaiming our authentic power as creators that we can shape-shift our future into the vision of our dreams. Symbols are the language used to orchestrate the re-membering of our ancestry and the collective consciousness of humanity.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • A group "reading of the bones" to check in with the ancestors for words of wisdom and advice for our collective future and patterns
  • Within the knowing field lies the return of your authentic power, where the very nature of your being serves the whole
  • Within the holographic universe, the whole is contained in every part and you can uncover information that has shaped your life 
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Desiree DeMars

Artist, BQH Hypnotist and Shamanic Practitioner

Desiree DeMars is an artist, BQH hypnotist, and shamanic practitioner. Her studies have spanned multiple disciplines and guided her around the world to study with native teachers and elders. Blessed to have strong wise women in her ancestral and extended family, she began her personal journey early in life by exploring nutrition, plant medicine, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and movement therapy.

Over 20 years ago, a spontaneous soul-remembering of a lifetime as a medicine woman, the world of shamanism opened a new chapter in her life. She currently weaves hypnosis and shamanic practices together with her intuitive skills of mediumship and medical intuition, to create a sacred container for clients to reawaken their power as the predominant creative force in their life.

The foundation of her shamanic practice is a divination process known as reading the bones, which was imparted through the lineage of a Zulu Sangoma, and her mentor here in the US. Through these sacred symbols readings, light is shed onto the wisdom of your wounds, and the remembering that You are Your Own Medicine.

This practice is a practical and ever-evolving way of being and seeing the world and anyone can integrate these tools into their current healing path. And now with the latest research in epigenetics and the understanding of the planet's field of consciousness, called the noosphere, at last, Ancient Wisdom Meets Neuroscience!

Desiree DeMars