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Tapping Into Ancestral Healing

Broadcast on February 03, 2023
With Jacqui Crooks
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Most of our blocks and limitations were not originally ours — we are the end product of the traumas and survival strategies of our ancestors. According to Jacqui Crooks, when we clear those traumas and the beliefs attached to them, we become free to be our own shining selves. It's what we came here to do!

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • An understanding of what you're carrying that doesn't belong to you, and where it came from
  • Simple ways to use that knowledge to free yourself, building on strengths from the past and releasing outdated programs
  • A tapping session to experience the power of thanking the ancestors 
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Jacqui Crooks

EFT Founding Master

Jacqui Crooks is one of the pioneers in Energy Psychology. She is an International speaker, trainer, an EFT Founding Master, and is one of the authors of EFT and Beyond and the author of Tapping into Ancestral Healing.

Her background in NLP and Hypnosis helped her to create her unique way of working with EFT, clearing Ancestral patterns, which allows deep level change quickly and easily without trauma.

Jacqui Crooks