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Every BODY is a Story

Broadcast on February 02, 2023
With Masami Covey, M.S., FNTP
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

We all carry the records of our ancestral history in us. According to Masami Covey, the blessings and beauty of our ancestors, as well as their trauma patterns, are archived and lie dormant inside our connective tissues. Unhealed family legacies and pain need to be processed and released through the living matrix of your body, especially your fascia. You can further transform your ancestral legacies and even change the collective narrative by creating more flow within your connective tissues.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Your ancestors' history is stored in your fascia
  • Attending to chronic pain, scar tissues, and tight fascia is a vital tool for ancestral healing
  • Your physical body is the integrated presence of the past and present
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Masami Covey, M.S., FNTP

Health Intuitive, Functional Nutrition Therapist

Masami Covey is a Health Intuitive, Functional Nutritional Therapist, and internationally recognized speaker. She reveals the root causes of imbalance using Intuitive insights, a whole-person approach, and laser-pointed guidance. She translates our subtle “body language,” and provides practical daily tools, nutrient recommendations, breath-work, somatic movements, and more.

Masami was born and raised in Japan in a bi-cultural family. Her work draws from her blend of East-meets-West culture, language, and energy medicine, as well as years of clinical experience in Functional Nutritional Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Positive Neuroplasticity, Ayurveda, and applied linguistics. She is a faculty member of The Shift Network and a frequent speaker on health and energy summits, podcasts, and programs.

Masami Covey, M.S., FNTP