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Ancestral Blocks to Love and Money

Broadcast on February 02, 2023
With Michelle Masters
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

According to Michelle Masters, even those of us who are aware of limiting or problematic family history affecting love or money, are not aware of the degree to which those repercussions can play out in our lives. But, when those entanglements are revealed and released, the ease and depth to which love or money can begin to flow and bless our lives is awe-inspiring and deeply gratifying.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Without family entanglements, the energy of money shows up as the energy of blessings
  • Without family entanglements, the energy of relationships shows up as present and available
  • An experiential process to reveal and release ancestral/family patterns that are affecting your relationship to money (or love)
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Michelle Masters

Bestselling author, Neuro-Science change techniques, Family Constellations, NLP

Tagged as "the Coaches' Coach" and Internationally bestselling author Michelle Masters has been a Personal Development Trainer and Coach since 1995.

Michelle’s work is an innovative blend of Neuro-Science based change techniques, Family Constellation work, and quantum healing modalities, combined with a profound understanding of what creates transformation and lasting change for people. 

She has been nicknamed "The Coaches' Coach" because so many of the top coaches and speakers in the world have trained and worked with her.

Michelle speaks, teaches, and works with clients globally to remove blocks to success, love, health, and well-being.

Michelle Masters