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Writing With the Ancestors

Broadcast on January 31, 2023
With Tanya Taylor Rubinstein
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

In this experiential talk and workshop, Tanya Taylor Rubinstein will discuss somatic writing, with a particular focus on writing with the ancestors. Somatic writing is a process designed to help writers fully liberate their voices, so they can write their stories and untether their power to shift the dominant culture away from internalized patriarchy and into embodied love.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How connecting with your ancestors in your writing practice opens up awareness and expands your writer's voice
  • How to connect with your ancestors to discover and solve mysteries in your family's past 
  • How this process supports you in actualizing your life purpose to become a great ancestor
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Founder & Director, Somatic Writing

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the founder of Somatic Writing, which is both an organization and a process to experience a liberated life. The process helps people access a deeper sense of embodiment by exploring their relationships with their bodies, home land, and ancestral spirits as storytellers and writers.

She is the editor and founder of The Cancer Monologue Project, which is both a book and a decade-long exploration of her story work with individuals, family members, and members of vulnerable populations who have experienced cancer, HIV/AIDS, or mental health issues. They write and perform their personal stories for their communities on stages ranging from Broadway to small local theaters, to Gilda’s Clubs, wellness communities, hospitals, and cancer centers across the U.S.

In 2011, Tanya partnered with author Candace Walsh to begin teaching memoir. She has been a story coach and theater director for over one hundred solo shows, which were performed at numerous theaters and festivals over the span of two decades.

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein