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Honoring Human Interconnectedness and Healing the Ancestral Rivers

Broadcast on January 31, 2023
With Eileen McKusick
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Humans, like trees and mycelium, are an interconnected network that spans through the past, present, and future. Our human concept of separateness, what could be called "the ego firewall," can block us from accessing our natural network of connection to all. Eileen McKusick will discuss the importance of limiting mind viruses, and the far-reaching benefits of healing our ancestral rivers.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How are we ALL interconnected — humans, soil, terrain, fascia and mycelium
  • What mind viruses are, and where they come from
  • How mind viruses keep us from accessing our connection, and how can we delete them to benefit all ancestors and ourselves
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Eileen McKusick

Founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute, Researcher & Author

Eileen Day McKusick is a pioneer in the fields of the human biofield, therapeutic sound, and electric health. A researcher, author, inventor, educator, speaker, and practitioner, Eileen has researched health since 1987, specifically how sound impacts health since 1996.
She is the originator of the sound-therapy method Biofield Tuning (with thousands of students trained worldwide since 2010), and the founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute, which conducts grant-funded, peer-reviewed, and published research on the human biofield in partnership with other research organizations. 
Eileen is the author of two bestselling books: the award-winning Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy and Electric Body, Electric Health, a groundbreaking look at the electric nature of the human body, emotions, and life itself. 
Eileen is also the inventor of the revolutionary sound-healing tool called the Sonic Slider, the creator of a line of tuning forks and accessories, and the CEO of BioSona, LLC, which provides sound therapy tools and training globally. Her work has helped thousands of people around the world overcome chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other health challenges, enabling them to live more fulfilling and empowered lives. Eileen's work is changing the way we think about health and wellness.

Eileen McKusick