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Ancestral Healing: Reports From the Edge

Broadcast on January 20, 2022
With Christina Lee Pratt
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Humanity has passed the tipping point where our collective healing work is no longer keeping pace with the harmful effects of an ever-increasing backlog of "unreconciled dead." For this reason, "ancestral healing" is showing up everywhere. But what does that mean? According to Christina Lee Pratt, it means a whole range of things, and the remedy requires us to move out of our twin comfort zones of psychology and spirituality, to engage in authentic and necessary shamanic solutions.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • There is a wide landscape of ancestral healing practices and it is ALL needed 
  • It will be a huge mistake if we limit ourselves to psychological and spiritual definitions of ancestral healing 
  • We'll all need guidance from specially trained practitioners for the snarled and tangled patterns to heal
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Christina Lee Pratt

Author, Teacher, Healer, Founder of Last Mask Center, Host of Why Shamanism Now

Christina Lee Pratt is a shamanic healer, author, and teacher of exceptional clarity, humor, and practicality. Her mission is to draw on the foundational wisdom of ancient peoples, so we can rise with innovation and creativity to meet the collective challenges of today.

She is pioneering new shamanic techniques to deal with the illnesses of our times. Her current focus is healing our ancestral lines to release the growing burden on the living, the unresolved energies of the dead, and the initiation of our young people into spiritual adulthood.

Christina is founder of Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland, Oregon, which offers classes in contemporary life skills and shamanic healing for individuals, families, and communities — including Cycle of Transformation, a rigorous 4-year training.

Christina is host of the live internet radio show Why Shamanism Now and author of the 2-volume set An Encyclopedia of Shamanism. She has been a speaker at virtual summits on shamanism presented by both The Shift Network and Sounds True.

Christina Lee Pratt