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{"53008":"Embracing the Ancestral Healing Journey","51805":"How to Heal Curses Carried Through Your Ancestral Line","52109":"Healing Family and Ancestors- Resonant Family Constellations","52164":"Turning Generational \"Curses\" Into Blessings","52278":"Embracing the Ancestors in the Knowing Field: Family Systems Constellation, Echoes of Pain and the Healing Connection","52148":"Cultivating Transgenerational Resilience: Healing Ancestral Trauma","52296":"Connecting With Ancestors in the Modern Age","52087":"Sacred Symbols + Reading the Bones: The Ancient Universal Language That Guides Us Through Our Ancestral Healing Journey","52228":"Honoring Human Interconnectedness and Healing the Ancestral Rivers","52834":"Connecting Ancestral Healing with Karmic Healing","53102":"Liberating Radical Joy Through Ancestral Healing","52161":"The Akashic Records: Gateway to Ancestral Healing","52225":"\u201cWriting With the Ancestors\u201d With Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Founder, Somatic Writing","52573":"Ancestral Healing in Action","52855":"Ancestral Healing Ceremony: \u201cBirthing a New Dawn for Your Lineage\u201d","52648":"You Are the Healer","52579":"Engaging the Gifts and Blessings of Your Ancestral Legacy","52779":"The Connection to Our Ancestors From Our Mothers","52257":"The Genealogy Medium's Guide to Healing Your Ancestors (and Yourself!)","52289":"Racial Healing: Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling, Liberation, and Transformation","51933":"Healing the Historical Harm of Slavery","51811":"Sending Light to Your Family - Past, Present & Future","52314":"Your Magical Inheritance","52835":"Befriending Our Ancient Present: Shamanic Wisdom on Adopting Ancestors for Healing and Spiritual Evolution","52338":"Ancestral Healing: Spiritual Synchronicity and Karmic Justice","52147":"Every BODY is a Story","51874":"How to Heal Yourself by Understanding Your Ancestral Lineage","52406":"Blessing the Bones of Your Familial Wounds","52856":"Healing the Witch and Healer Wound Through Ancestral Hypnosis Healing","52825":"Ancestral Blocks to Love and Money","52882":"The Art of Ancestor Veneration: Daily Rites, Rituals and Devotional Acts to Honor Your Ancestor Spirits","52747":"Reflections on Ancestral Healing & Design Justice","52716":"From Survive to Thrive: Rooting in Positive Resource and Jewish Practices of Ancestor Reverence as a Path Toward Healing","52208":"Ancestral Astrology: Signature Planets","52210":"Cultivating Love and Trust With Your Ancestors","52195":"Tapping Into Ancestral Healing","52748":"Ancestors in Training: Shaping the Future","52149":"Roots Deeper Than Whiteness: Remembering Who We are for the Well-being of All"}
{"53008":"Thomas H\u00fcbl","51805":"Sandra Ingerman, MA ","52109":"Jill Purce","52164":"Natalia O'Sullivan","52278":"Francesca Mason Boring","52148":"Dr. Arielle Schwartz","52296":"Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona","52087":"Desiree DeMars","52228":"Eileen McKusick","52834":"Rev. Sharon Anne Klingler","53102":"Langston Kahn","52161":"Dr. Linda Howe","52225":"Tanya Taylor Rubinstein","52573":"Lisa Bonnice","52855":"Roel Crabb\u00e9","52648":"Michelle Clare","52579":"Christina Lee Pratt","52779":"Grandmother Flordemayo ","52257":"Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, MFA, CG, DSNU","52289":"Tom DeWolf","51933":"Sharon Leslie Morgan","51811":"Shelley Kaehr, PhD","52314":"Nancy Hendrickson","52835":"don Oscar Miro-Quesada","52338":"Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer","52147":"Masami Covey, M.S., FNTP","51874":"Dr. Lotte Valentin","52406":"Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone","52856":"Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu","52825":"Michelle Masters","52882":"Charlotte Nguy\u1ec5n, CMT-P","52747":"Dr. Velma Love","52716":"Taya M\u00e2 Shere","52208":"Fern Vuchinich","52210":"Christina Caudill","52195":"Jacqui Crooks","52748":"Veronica Agard","52149":"David Dean"}
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The Ancestral Healing Summit is a 5-day event taking place online January 30 – February 3.

This summit will help you understand ancestral trauma, how you can resolve past hurts that get passed on, and how to end this cycle in your own lifetime.

You’ll experience an array of pathways leading to aha! moments of revelation as you access practical tools to safely explore your unique ancestry and intergenerational trauma, opening up doors to belonging, wholeness, and completion.

You’ll gain an understanding of how the very things your ancestors dealt with may be affecting your relationships, your health, and any other challenges you may be facing today. Ultimately, by helping your ancestors heal, you can heal yourself.

This summit will create a safe, loving space to understand and process what ancestral healing is, and how it shows up in your life…

… providing you with tools and opportunities to manifest deep healing of ancestral wounds, increased emotional balance, and the ability to pass along healthier, more wholesome traits to your progeny.

Thank you for joining us for this potent summit! May you apply the wisdom it holds to improve your relationships, rejuvenate your spirit, and awaken your consciousness to new realities.