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Ancestral Memories & Medicine Stories: Myth-Making Practices for Cultural Healing

Broadcast on January 20, 2022
With Velma E Love, PhD
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Velma E. Love, PhD, focuses on personal and cultural healing through meditative rituals for ancestral reverence, memory, repair and reconnection. She will share a teaching story from the Holy Odu, the sacred text in the Ifa tradition of the Yoruba people of West African origin, and talk about the importance of shape-shifting narratives to create space for the emergence of a liberating and healing spirituality. She will also provide case study reports from her ancestral lineage healing practice.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The value of ancestral healing work in re-scripting narratives for social transformation
  • The four primary assumptions that undergird the ancestral medicine approach to lineage healing and repair
  • The importance of ancestral knowledge in releasing one's genius in the world
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Velma E Love, PhD

Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner, Author of Divining the Self

Velma E. Love, PhD, is founder and president of Story Catalysts, LLC, the only story change company that leverages ancient African wisdom symbols and systems — proven true through the test of time — to catalyze personal and social transformation. Velma is an author, ritualist, story coach, and ancestral lineage healing practitioner.

Velma E Love, PhD