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Honoring the Unborn Members of Our Family System

Broadcast on January 21, 2022
With Liza Miron
Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Everyone belongs in the family system, including the unborn members (due to miscarriages/abortions), and when anyone is excluded or forgotten, we can unconsciously get entangled with them. This may lead to having a sensation of always being out of place and having challenging problems, relationship difficulties, illnesses, and addictions. Liza Miron says that if we want to connect to life so we can have abundance, health, love, and success, it is important to honor, respect and give everyone their place.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • How to heal family system entanglements
  • The importance of honoring, remembering, and respecting everyone in the family system
  • How releasing judgment and criticism leads to acceptance, so you can fully connect to life 
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Liza Miron

Healer, Life Coach, Speaker, Family Constellations Facilitator

Liza Miron is a healer, life coach, speaker, and family constellations facilitator. Her passion is to see people grow and develop, and to witness those moments that create change and a higher level of awareness. 

From a very young age Liza was a seeker. She became interested in meditation, and many other spiritual methods and techniques. After many healing sessions and journeys, it became clear to Liza that her purpose was to help others enjoy their lives to the fullest while learning to live in the present.  She uses her strong intuitive skills to help her clients release patterns from the past, so they can connect with ancestral wisdom and love, learn to take responsibility for their lives, and flow with life instead of fighting it.

For the past 15 years, Liza has been helping clients worldwide. She uses various healing methods that include family constellations, coaching, EFT, NLP, meditation, Syntara System energy healing, channeling, and Reiki. Studying and living in the U.S., France, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Guatemala has given Liza a unique perspective on personal development.

Liza Miron