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The Ancestral Healing Summit is a 4-day event taking place January 18-21 online and on the phone.

In this summit, you’ll receive a powerful synthesis of spirituality, science, and ancient wisdom from around the world that promises to transform your life and your lineages.

Today’s leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers will share ancient and modern-day experiential practices for forging a profound connection with your ancestors... and help you open to opportunities for greater wellbeing, joy, connection, and healing.

You’ll discover how you can look to your ancestors to help you heal the wounds of personal and collective historical trauma that remain unresolved in your body and in our world today — and the suffering that persists as a result.

The insights our speakers will offer promise to create deep and revitalizing shifts within you… initiating spiritual, familial, and even genetic healing.

Thank you for joining us for this potent summit! May you apply the wisdom it holds to improve your relationships, rejuvenate your spirit, and awaken your consciousness to new realities.